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A Perico is a small member of the parrot family. Its common name is Orange Chinned Parakeet. These small living jewels are a favorite pet of the people of Costa Rica but having one in captivity is illegal. Here at the iRescue Sanctuary we receive many of these guys that have been removed from illegal captivity and brought to us by MINAE, the government agency responsible for enforcing the country's wildlife laws. Many times these delicate little creatures have been permanently damaged by their captivity and will need to remain with us for the rest of their life.

We have 20 of these little beauties at the iRescue Sanctuary. All are unable to survive in the wild.  Some have only one wing. Some have had their wings cut so short that they will never grow back and some were born deformed.

We have been housing these handicapped birds in pairs, in small individual cages because it was our only option, but this is unsuitable for the birds. Hence, The Perico Project was born. We have designed an enclosure that will give these non-flying birds quality of life in an environment as natural as possible, where they can navigate by climbing instead of flying.

The situation is urgent, every day spent in a small birdcage is a bad day for these beautiful little creatures. We need your help to get this project finished. So, please DONATE now and help us create a place for these little guys and the many more just like them that we are sure to receive in the next months and years. We will make and post a great video on the day that we move our little guys into the new habitat that we hope you will help us create. No donation is too small to us because we know that every donation comes from a fellow animal or bird lover’s heart.

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