(: Raccoon

This is Jack.. the largest of our five raccoons, he is a forest raccoon which is slightly different from a mangrove raccoon. Jack's story is a sad one with a happy ending. He was taken very young as a pet. He was raised in a small apartment in San Jose where he spent most of five years in a dog crate and was fed only canned dog food. The first time we saw Jack, he was so overweight that he was in danger of having a heart attack at any moment and could not walk more than a few feet due to lack of exercise.

He spent the next year on a diet, and lived in another sanctuary where he was part of the tour. Much better than the dog crate but very stressful for Jack because of the endless groups of people around his cage. Now Jack lives in our large natural raccoon enclosure with the rest of our raccoons. His weight is correct, His overall physical health is great but he carries a few emotional scars from his previous hard life. Now he spends his days fishing in the pond or sleeping in the shade. Happy at last!