The iRescue/MINAE Jaguar Research Project

installing jaguar trail cams

The iRescue Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the low cloud forest on 500+ acres of land that is mostly primary rainforest and backed up to thousands of acres of protected, government owned, primary forest land. That makes it the perfect Jaguar habitat.

The sanctuary has joined with the Costa Rica government in the installation of a system of game cameras on the irescue property to observe and record Jaguar movements in the area. These cameras will not only yield much information about Jaguar activities in the area, but will also reveal much about the other creatures in the area as well.

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Website Launched

Hello, our new website launched 2/25/18 and will be continually updated. We're working hard on new content and expanding our animal catalog.

We are also working on our social media platforms and have a newsletter service ready. You can signup here for our e-news. 


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