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Mike Graeber

My name is Mike Graeber. I am the managing director of the iRescue Wildlife Sanctuary. Working with wildlife began for me at the age of about ten years. That's when I found a baby bird (it was a Blue Jay) on the ground. I fed it worms and bugs every few hours for about three weeks and then one day it flew away. It was a moment that left a huge impression on me, as well as a life long desire to be around, work with, and help when necessary the wild creatures of the world.

I spent many years volunteering in animal sanctuaries, in many places but mostly in the United States and in the year 2000, I made the move to Costa Rica. During my years here in Costa Rica, I have continued to rescue and help the animals of the southern pacific zone, both domestic and wild, by founding one domestic animal group and two previous wild animal sanctuaries ( Osa Santuario de Animales and Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary )... Now the iRescue Wildlife Sanctuary exists!.. A very special place with a very special mission. Here we are committed to providing permanent care and housing to those creatures that cannot return to the wild as a result of an encounter with a human or civilization.

As director of the iRescue sanctuary I plan to continue helping the wild animals of Costa Rica, and create a facility devoted to this cause.


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