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Blind Bob Amazon Parrot
Blind Bob

Costa Rica is a world leader in the preservation of its native species. There are many wild animal sanctuaries throughout the country devoted to returning rehabilitated wildlife to the jungle. This is important work and our mission is to facilitate the work of these places by helping them solve an inherent problem that always appears in rehabilitation and release sanctuaries.

The unfortunate truth is that 30% to 40% of the creatures that arrive at the sanctuary are creatures that are disabled permanently by physical injury or severely over domesticated by people who thought that a wild creature for a pet was a good idea. Soon these unreleasable creatures begin to over populate the release sanctuary.

Soon valuable resources (food, space, labor, vet care, money) are being used to care for and support these birds and animals that do not fit the mission of the sanctuary. Therefore reducing the sanctuary's ability to function.

The animals themselves suffer as well. Wild animals that were once free find themselves disabled and confined to a small space. They usually do not live long. Over domesticated creatures that were once well cared for, now find themselves ignored and confined to a small cage as well.

Our mission at the iRescue Wildlife Sanctuary is to save these creatures that have no place else. To provide for them a comfortable existence and whatever quality of life we can. We evaluate each disabled bird or animal that enters our place and create a custom habitat that best accommodates that creature's needs.

By liberating these creatures from the release sanctuaries we are helping that sanctuary put it's resources back on their mission of getting animals and birds back into the jungle more effectively.

All of the creatures that reside at the iRescue Wildlife Sanctuary will be here for life. Our residents are blind, or missing a wing, or a leg or are totally dependent on human care in one way or another.


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