Meet our Animals

Meet Esperanza the Owl

A new permanent resident at the irescue wildlife sanctuary.

Meet Esperanza. She is an adult Black and White Owl... Esperanza has recently been hit by a car and has recieved damage to her wing and eye. Sadly the wing damage appears to be bad enough to stop him from being able to fly. The status of the eye is wait-and-see. We are in need of a permanent enclosure/habitat for Esperanza..Please help us create a place where she can live a long and as natural a life as posible... hit the DONATE button and get the wonderful feeling that comes from helping an animal in need...

Strix nigrolineata
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Whitey the Variegated Squirrel

This is Whitey. He is a variegated squirrel. We have three variegated squirrels here at irescue wildlife sanctuary. These are beautiful creatures and no two look the same. All have been raised as pets, confiscated by MINAE and then brought to other sanctuaries. Eventually, for the reasons outlined in our mission statement, they ended up with us where they will live their lives.

Sciurus variegatoides
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Hook the Osprey

This is Hook our Osprey... He was found near a river almost dead from starvation.. the reason was a large tumor growing on his right eye.. destroying his ability hunt... He had a band on his leg and after a little research we determined that he was banded in Michigan... He had migrated back to Costa Rica!

Pandion haliaetus

Blossom the Porcupine

Blossom is a Mexican Hairy Dwarf Porcupine. Common throughout Central America. She arrived at my first sanctuary (Osa Santuario de Animales) in Costa Rica about four and a half years ago. When she arrived she was only a few days old, and was small enough to fit in the palm of my hand. She had been found on the ground, very dehydrated and apparently abandoned by her mother. Fortunately, she immediately responded to some warm goat milk and after a day or two she was out of the woods and on her way to becoming a full grown Porcupine.

Sphiggurus mexicanus
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Jill the Raccoon

Jill the raccoon was taken as a very small baby and hand raised by someone who intended to keep her as a pet. The person who had her raised her with much care and love until she was severely over domesticated and had lost all fear of humans and (worse) dogs. When she arrived at the sanctuary she was an adult and totally dependent on human care. This means that if Jill was released into the wild, she would not have the skills necessary to survive or would seek out humans and where there are humans, there are dogs.

Procyon Lotor
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Bandit & Foxy

These good looking raccoons are Bandit and Foxy. They are brother and sister Mangrove Raccoons that came into another sanctuary very young. At their evaluation it was discovered that both were very sight impaired, almost totally blind. They also had bad coats with very little hair. Due to a lack of available space, they were put into a small cage. That's when we found and rescued them. We immediately put them on a diet that includes a whole fish every day along with a wide variety foods natural to these animals and within a few months they not only have beautiful costs, they also have recovered most of their vision!

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Jack the Forest Raccoon

This is Jack.. the largest of our five raccoons, he is a forest raccoon which is slightly different from a mangrove raccoon. Jack's story is a sad one with a happy ending. He was taken very young as a pet. He was raised in a small apartment in San Jose where he spent most of five years in a dog crate and was fed only canned dog food. The first time we saw Jack, he was so overweight that he was in danger of having a heart attack at any moment and could not walk more than a few feet due to lack of exercise.

Procyon Lotor
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