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Environmental Non-Profit Partners
Environmental Cause Based Marketing Partners

To help heal and protect the planet is the most important reason for joining. Other helpful factors include:

To develop a better relationship with your customers and employees by tying into their values.
- - 87% of employees at companies that support a cause feel a strong sense of loyalty to their employer, versus 67% at firms without such a program.

To enhance a company's reputation or image of their company or product.
- - 85% of general public and Congress indicate corporate citizenship improves a company’s image (Wirthlin Worldwide Study)

To set their company apart from their competitors by differentiating their product.
- - 58% of Americans say they will purchase products that donate a percentage to causes

To increase sales and revenues.
- - 86% of consumers say they are likely to switch to brands associated with a good cause given all things equal - and 50% are willing to pay 5-10% more. (2004 Cone Corporate Citizenship Study)

To protect from potential company crisis
- - 85% of Americans would speak out against a company’s negative corporate citizenship practices and 70% would boycott its products.

To facilitate entrance into new markets
- - 77% of respondents claim company’s commitment to a cause is important when deciding which businesses are wanted in the community.

To attract and retain employees
- - 80% of Americans would refuse to work at a company with negative corporate citizenship practices

To favorably impact investors
- - 71% of respondents consider corporate citizenship in their investment decisions (Harris Interactive Corporate Citizenship Watch)

Join Now!

Business in the Community - www.BITC.org.uk
Cause Marketing Forum - www.causemarketingforum.com
IEG Sponsorship Report - www.sponsorship.com
The U.S. Fund for UNICEF - www.unicefusa.org/corporatesupport

John Merritt, Founder of iRescue™, own personal message on participation:
Why Join?
Because of everything we represent. Our program is not built for profits or egos but simply to create a working business model in which to aid the earth in healing and protection on an immense level. Our planet is being affected by too many negative forces and we are determined to create something to rally all things positive. We encourage every individual upon every waking day to share compassion with the environment and with every living creature that calls this old rock home. Always put Earth first and you will alway experience success in whatever you do.

Instead of hanging our heads and preparing for the worst, we choose to keep our heads high and encourage others to be positive about our future. We know at times it is hard to be happy with all of the death and destruction around us, but we challenge you to participate in some of life's simple moments. Hang out with a butterfly. Talk to an ant. It might sound silly but if you strive to be great, you must search for a deeper connection with nature and be thankful for every living miracle sharing an existence with you in both time and space. Great rewards of joy and happiness are hidden all around us for the hopefull to experience. Don't get caught up in all the frivolous static wreaking havoc on our thoughts daily, yet take the time to be grateful of the wonders of earth so that you might cherish and protect all things living because every organism is indeed part of your immediate family. Your compassion for all that is good is more powerful and contagious than you know. Lead by positive example and you will envoke the law of attraction to work for your reality.

Sure iRescue™ can help your company gain profits and customers but we hope it helps you gain something more important and that is a deeper relationship with your higher state of consciousness. The great business model we have created is only a tool to get you to participate and experience something greater than simply creating additional profits or just existing for that matter. This tool is meant to be contagious and gain momentum as it grows. Relish in something greater and use this tool to share with others so they too might experience a new level of consciousness. Lending a helping hand to nature and the environment from the smallest of creatures to grandest of schemes involving all species while focusing on compassion is for me, the most rewarding and gratifying feeling I can achieve. My intense desire for happiness combined with my belief in my ability to create my own reality was the fertilizer for the seed of thought that bloomed into what iRescue™ has become today. And as I write this, we are just getting started. I can't image what the future will bring for this program and all those involved but I guarantee you it will be amazing. I hope you join us. May this simple program be the vehicle for the exploration of your own positive emotions. Let's join together and step outside our selfish thoughts and needs to provide the positive energy and internal hope this planet needs to repair itself while repeling the negative forces currently working against it. It is quite the task and together we will succeed. Thank you for your time and see you on the front lines of my reality.

Forever Sincere,

John Merritt
iRescue™ Founder

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