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Board of Directors

John Merritt

Marketing and Media:
Bryan Silber

International Awareness and Team Leader:
Justine Pasek

Media Kit Available Upon Request

About Us
iRescue™ was founded in 2006 as an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Driven by the desire to create a new standard in commerce which would actually benefit the environment with each purchase made by a consumer instead of contributing to the world's ever expanding carbon footprint, a new business model was born. An idea so powerful that it could change the world for generations to come, yet so simple and diverse that both companies and individuals across the globe could immediately implement and continually participate.

Our mission is simple.
Build and support an eco-branding licensing program businesses can use worldwide to raise funds for the environment through their day-to-day business operations all the while improving their company image and environmental stewardship in the process. Create a program that is based on the consumer using the simple power of choice guided by their inner consciouness to realize the advantage of choosing one product or service over another.

Our goal is noble.
To start a revolution amoung businesses to free the earth and it's creatures from confinement, violence, danger and evil. Encourage consumers to support our member's products and services in an effort to fuel this eco-consious initiative. Promote continued support for world renowned non-profits yet begin to market and nourish previously unrecognized environmental movements which are unable to create the media awareness that is so crucial to their success.

So how does it work?

But my company already donates to enviromental causes or non-profits. Please click here to learn how your company might already qualify for a iRescue™ membership.

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