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Welcome to our members page. Upon official launch this page will be updated daily in a more friendly and efficient format to recognize and accomodate a constant stream of new members. Currently we are accepting membership requests although we are not granting official licensing agreements until our official launch Aug. 27 in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Our company is in the final stages of overall initial set up and from the launch point forward we will be constantly expanding. Thorough planning and a strong, efficient team are currently being assembled throughout different parts of the world in order to accomodate our first international members. iRescue™ will set up it's first international office and conservation presence in Bocas Del Toro, Panama. Stay tuned as the iRescue™ team including Miss Universe 2002 Justine Pasek launch our first hands on conservation effort to protect the sea turtles and save the Changinola River!

The only 2 current, active iRescue™ members are companies that actually aided in the creation, financing and set-up of iRescue™, the non-profit organization. We owe them many thanks!

Member #1:
Renewable Energy Technology LLC / iRenew

Member #2:
IllFit™ Authentic Apparel LLC

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