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Environmental Non-Profit Partners
Environmental Cause Based Marketing Partners

Step 1:
Send an email to membership@iRescue.info or call 561-756-6444 expressing your interest. In response to your inquiry, we will be happy to answer any questions you might have along with sending you a copy of the iRescue™ licensing agreement for your review. If you prefer to receive a copy of the agreement via mail or fax instead of email attachment, please be sure to specify upon initial inquiry.

Step 2:
Upon review of our general licensing agreement, we will once again be happy to answer any additional questions you might have before proceeding. Next, we will prepare your custom licensing agreement with information specific to your actual company and send you two copies for your signature. You will send back one signed copy (via email, fax or mail) along with a minimal licensing fee to cover our administrative costs and a digital copy of your company's official logo.

Step 3:
Finally, upon receiving the signed copy of your licensing agreement and the administrative fee, we will email you the iRescue™ membership logo for your immediate use. Multiple digital formats of the membership logo are available. We encourage your company to use the logo on your product's packaging, website, marketing material or otherwise in order to inform your customers and the general public they are supporting a business actively engaged in protecting, saving and nourishing the enviroment.

Upon becoming an iRescue™ member, we encourage using some of these useful tips to improve your participation.

• Issue a press release about your company's newfound partnership with iRescue™.

• Indicate to potential customers that a portion of each sale is donated a worthy environmental cause.

• Spend time to develop relationships with our non-profit partners in order to choose the company and cause best suited for your donations.

• Dedicate a section on your company's web site to the specific non-profit organizations your company is supporting in order to raise additional awareness for the specific causes your company is passionate about. This will also help market your company's environmental stewardship to the public boosting your company image.

• Over time, track and post your company's donations to the public via your web site or any other media outlet.

• Raise additional funds for your company's non-profits of choice using creative marketing such as an iRescue™ sponsored charity event, product raffles and giveaways, etc.

• Create a competitive spirit amoung other companies you know and encourage them to get involved with your cause or a cause of their own.

• Encourage employees to get excited about your company's new environmental direction and to make suggestions on how to better to expand the environmental stewarship of the business.

• Allow employees to choose some of their own causes and divide the donations with the additional non-profits they chose.

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