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Environmental Non-Profit Partners
Environmental Cause Based Marketing Partners

The opportunity to provide environmental solutions is going to be one of the top themes of our generation of business leadership. Where does your company's leadership quality stand on this issue?

A Worldwide Cause, Your Company's Choice

The iRescue™ initiative is a unique and first of its kind eco-driven cause-related marketing program designed soley for protecting, saving and nourishing all forms of nature and the environment. Our cause-related marketing program couldn't give companies a more immediate, comprehensive environmental solution to implement or be any easier for consumers to participate.

The New Environmental Standard for Business
iRescue™ is very unique because it is one of the first non-profit programs designed to market and help raise funds for other environmental causes other than itself all the while building it's own brand awareness in the marketplace. It achieves this task by requiring its members to take a pledge (make an agreement with us) to donate at least 1% of their gross annual sales to iRescue™ approved environmental non-profit organization/s of their choice listed on this site. We consult and faciliate the initial relationship between existing environmental non-profits and your iRescue™ member company. As more companies participate in our program and corresponding exposure grows, the iRescue™ mark will becomes synomous to the marketplace and the public as the new standard for a company's philanthropic environmental stewardship along with the indication of a current, active business which heeds to compliance.

A New Unique Option for Business Leadership
Designed for any business to adopt and for every consumer to participate, the iRescue™ program is truly a win-win business model for businesses, consumers, nature, the environment and all inhabitants of Earth. Companies can immediately gain the opportunity to project their now environmentally aware brand to consumers and consumers now have the choice to align their purchasing decisions with brands which display the iRescue™ mark.

Your Choice + Your Gift = Maximum Gratification

We strongly encourage our members to develop personal independent relationships with our non-profit partners and we require members to disburse their own contributions as defined in your company's agreement. iRescue™ DOES NOT accept contributions on behalf of other non-profit organizations. We only represent the higher state of environmental consciousness your company has adopted as indicated with the iRescue™ mark. Because your company is in complete control of it's required contributions, the gift giving experience is enhanced by your company's more personal involvement, increased recognition within the receiving non-profit organization and the ability to choose and fund simualtaneous relationships with multiple iRescue™ non-profit environmental partners.

Participation or Isolation
As a result of both businesses and consumers using the power of choice on a day-to-day basis, a revolution of environmentally conscious purchasing will begin to become habitual and a new benchmark of commerce goodwil will emerge. With increased participation and subsequent successes, the iRescue™ mark is poised to become the new required standard in building an environmentally conscious brand. Unable to ignore each member's continually improving financial bottom line along with the host of other benefits included with membership, non-member companies will have the choice to either participate or face a growing level of isolation and overall environmental scrutiny with consumers, employees and investors alike.

Why Join?

But my company already donates to enviromental causes or non-profits. Please click here to learn how your company might already qualify for a iRescue™ membership.

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