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Environmental Non-Profit Partners
Environmental Cause Based Marketing Partners

Now we are at the threshold of a different era, one in which smart companies are trying to figure out how to profit by solving the world's big environmental problems.

So what if companies around the world joined together to create an alliance of businesses, bound by an agreement, to donate 1% or more of their company's gross annual sales directly to non-profit organizations that support nature and the environment?

What if consumers could easily recognize participating companies indentified by a specific mark and chose to support these eco-consious companies over their competition? What if each company's newfound environmental philanthropy increased their overall sales, improved their company's image and contributed valuable resources needed to protect all species and preserve the precious habitats that animals, plants and human beings need to survive and flourish?

You could imagine this growing movement of awareness and participation would have profound positive impact on the planet from now to generations and beyond. The iRescue™ program utilizes the universal law of attraction to attract positive energy and repel negative forces. The use of this law is employed to create environmental hope in the form of an ecological balance between man and nature not yet realized until now.

Let iRescue™ prove that your company can benefit from having both a voice and a moral compass. Join and realize a higher state of overall consciousness for both you and your company. Offer nature your choice. Choose iRescue™.

Learn more about iRescue™, this extraordinary opportunity and how each of us has an obligation to accept nature's gift with respect and responsibility.

IllFit™ Eco-Initiative Street Party
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